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Competitive Contract Award Notice

1. Title: UK-Edinburgh: Provision of Workboat for NLV Pole Star
2. Awarding Authority: Official name: The Commissioners of Northern Lighthouse operating as the Northern Lighthouse Board, Postal Address: 84 George Street, Town: Edinburgh, Telephone: 0131 473 3100, E-mail:, Contact Point(s): , For the attention of: Fiona Lynch, Commercial Manager, Postal Code: EH2 3DA, Country: UNITED KINGDOM, Fax: 0131 473 2436, General address of the contracting authority (URL):, Address of the Buyer Profile (URL):
3. Contract type: Supplies
4. Description: Northern Lighthouse Board (NLB) require a workboat for the tranportation of personnel, materials and occasionally to complete survey work. The workboat will be stowed onboard NLV Pole Star. the boat is required to be 5.4 metres in length and 2.1 meters beam. The weight should not exclude 690kg including fittings. The workboat will be required to carry a maximum of eight (8) persons and a mix of passangers and cargo up to 1000kg. Delivery will be to NLB premises at Oban. Boats.
5. CPV code:
Main Object: 34520000.
6. NUTS code: UKM.
7. Main site or location of works, main place of delivery or main place of performance: UKM.
8. Reference attributed by awarding authority: TPOL/BOAT/0645
9. Awarded to:
Official name: International Marine Supplies, Postal Address: 5 West Stockwith Park, Stockwith Road, Town: Misterton, South Yorkshire, Telephone: 01427 891 144, E-Mail:, For the attention of: Sue Bakin, Postal code: DN10 4ES, Country: UNITED KINGDOM, Fax: 01427 891 155, Internet address (URL):

10. Date of Contract Award: 19/02/2010
11. Number of Tenders Received: 2
12. Other information:
13. Submitted date: 18/03/2010


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