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Title UK-Edinburgh: Refurbishment and Installation of Solar Electrical Systems at Swona, Barrel of Butter and Skerry of Ness Minor Lights (Orkney) and little Ross Beacon (Solway Firth)
1. Awarding Authority Organisation: The Commissioners of Northern Lighthouse operating as the Northern Lighthouse Board, Address: 84 George Street, Town: Edinburgh, Telephone: 0131 473 3100, Electronic Mail:, For the attention of: Colin Brolly, Procurement Officer, Postal Code: EH2 3DA, Country: UNITED KINGDOM, Fax: 0131 473 2436, Internet address (URL):
2. Goods, CPV reference number
Main Object: 45111000-8.
Additional Object: 45111100-9.
Additional Object: 45310000-3.
Additional Object: 45315100-9.
3. Additional Description The works will include paint work, removal of existing light and batteries, installation of solar panel support frame and modules, cabling and installation of new light and battery and some demolition work.
4. (a) Deadline for expression of interest 01/03/2005
4. (b) Address to which they must be sent As in I.1.
4. (c) Deadline for receipt of tenders 22/03/2005
4. (d) Name and address to which they must be sent As in I.1.
5. Other information All applicants must complete and submit a Pre Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ). This must be returned no later than 14:00 hours on 1 march 2005. PQQ's will be evaluated and a list of tenderers will be created from this evaluation. It is anticipated between 5 and 8 tenders will be issued. The PQQ contains all details and can be requested from Colin Brolly, Procurement Officer details as at 1. The PQQ contains more information on the scope of works involved.
6. Notice Postmarked 08/02/2005


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